Model: SC-600
$899 with free shipping to 48 continental states
Cuts a maximum pitch of 4/12 on a popular 6-1/4 inch wide cement siding board with 1" cutting depth.
No dust, no noise, no electricity.
One person operation to cut a long piece of the cement siding board with different cutting angles by swing      the cutting head.
The handle can be pressed down on either side of the cutting head when do the cutting, which gives more      flexibilities to the users.
Equipped with 2 long-lasting tungsten steel blades that provide a clean cut. Replacing just one of the 2      blades is allowed, to save your cost.
Easy to move in and out to the jobsite.
4 legs can be folded under the cutting frame when not in use.
Product Information
Cutting Application: Fiber Cement Siding Board
Blade Cutting Width: 24-3/8 inch
Angle Cutting: Pitch 4/12 - 18/12 on a 6-1/4" wide siding board
Max. Thickness Cutting: 1 inch
Package (stand) Size: 1245 × 711 × 229 (mm) / 49 × 28 × 9 (inch)
Package (cutting head) Size: 889 × 635 × 229 (mm) / 35 × 25 × 9 (inch)
Gross Weight (stand package): 37 kg / 81 Lb
Gross Weight (cutting head package): 28.6 kg / 63 Lb

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